C4 Experience- PERFECT for our 4H Group!

Our group was probably more “varied” than the normal group; 6 families from our 4H group came with ages from 10 to 50. Our original plan was to have 20 go thru and 8 parents were planning to watch…In the end 25 ended up going thru at least part of the course and only 3 watched the entire thing so I was thrilled that several parents decided to go despite their challenges and hesitations and for your willingness to be flexible with that.

I love the entire experience of the course but especially how character lessons are taught and woven thru the entire thing. Kids don’t always listen the best and one just hopes that each child took away something really meaningful for themselves from the experience and I truly believe they did. I appreciate the content immensely.

Your staff are exceptional leaders. They are very professional, patient and positive and the kids thought they were “awesome”. The kids (and parents) were very proud of themselves for what they accomplished. We had one boy who is 11 but is extremely small for his age. He is always trying to make up for his size by being tough….he is afraid of heights and was very anxious about the experience. After the high ropes course I told him I was so proud of him(he was too short to actually do lock and unlock his device onto the cables himself) His reply was, “When I came here I didn’t think I was going to be able to do anything….and I’ve done everything!” We had not done the leap of faith yet so I asked him if he was going to go do it and he said, “ I might as well, I’ve done everything else!” He did awesome and ALMOST got the bar…” He probably overcame more than anyone and it was so neat to see….

Everybody in the group loved it. It is a great experience to do with our children.  Both kids and parents overcame different obstacles to do the challenges and fun to encourage and see each other overcome these challenges. My husband was one that was going to watch because he has a slipped disc and a pinched nerve and he did it all!
My kids thought it was “amazing” and they want to go back….I would totally recommend the experience. It is challenging, fun and a great way to teach teamwork, character and so many more lessons.

Thanks for everything. You guys are great to work with and we appreciate what you do.
Rebekah Christensen (with the Busy Bee 4H Club!)

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