What is C4?

Outdoor Education provides countless metaphors. C4 is a powerful metaphor. Just as C4 is used as an explosive to change rock, buildings, and other structures, the C4 complex is used to shape and mold character, teams, businesses, and families. Travis Guida and Sarah Coumbe-Guida own and operate the course and believe strongly in the power of these experiences. Read more about Sarah and Travis by clicking here.



Why C4?

You can expect a WOW experience in your visit to C4. The money back guarantee provides you with the assurance that if you are not fully satisfied with any of our programs, we will refund your money. No questions asked. Our facilitators electrify your trip by making each element a life-changing experience. You will be challenged to develop confidence, release control, and open your mind to your fullest potential. For team building groups, we debrief each element to discuss how this trek is applicable to daily life. Our mission at C4 is to challenge individuals and teams to commit their lives to a radical change; one that impacts their relationships, goals, career, and future while providing all participants the thrill of a lifetime.

At C4, there is something for everybody. We expect your desire to return and challenge your character once again! We are nestled in a mature grove of white and red pine trees. You will experience heart-pounding adrenaline and first-class adventure!

The course is adjacent to Eagle Beach Resort and also features a high intensity, ground level obstacle course for you to enjoy.

C4 Guarantees You Will

  • Build communication skills
  • Develop teamwork
  • Reach one’s fullest potential
  • Define & implement committment
  • Improve confidence
  • Participate in extreme team building difficult to find anywhere else

And….overcome life’s biggest challenges while making countless memories!


Customized team building adventures that address your group’s specific objectives, size, budget, and timeframe.            Prices vary. Tourist Package includes 35′ high challenge course with 5 obstacles, zip line, and 2 of the following: 3G Swing, Leap of Faith, and Commitment Bridge. $49/each. Challenge Course with Zip line includes 35′ high challenge course with 5 obstacles and zip line. $29/each.
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